The Eastern Wild Turkey

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1. The eastern wild turkey is the most plentiful of 5 species of wild turkeys. It is related to the grouse, quail and pheasant and is the largest game bird in North America. A mature adult male turkey is called a

A. Tom

B. Jake

C. Hen

D. Cock


2. Male turkeys fight with each other for females. Which of the following is true about their fighting techniques.

A. They stand and face each other for a moment and then charge at the other butting heads until one gives up.

B. They strut and make gobbling sounds while at the same time beating their wings on the ground and jumping up and down.

C. Each male grabs the other by the neck or head with its bill. They attempt to knock each other off balance in order to beat the other with a wing or spur them with a spike-like hook on their leg.

D. The males each take turns dancing for the females until the female decides which mate she wants.


3. The male gobbler can get to be as much as 25 lbs. The food that turkeys eat comprise mostly.

A. Earthworms, lizards, toads and frogs

B. Buds, leaves, stems, seeds, corn, nuts, fruits, berries and some insects

C. Grain left out by helpful citizens in feeders

D. None of the above


4. Which best describes the abilities and adaptations of the eastern wild turkey

A. Very keen eyesight and hearing

B. Can fly short distances at speeds up to 50 mph.

C. Can run up to 18 mph

D. All of the above


5. True or False. Eastern wild turkeys roost in trees at night only when the weather is bad.


6. Hunters use sounds in an attempt to call or lure a turkey to where they are. Turkeys use sounds to communicate with each other. The one sound that turkeys make to warn others of danger is commonly referred to as.

A. The classic "gobble - gobble"

B. The putt - putt

C. The continuous "cluck, cluck, cluck"

D. A series of "yelps"


7. Male turkeys will show off for the hens. What tactic below best describes the techniques used by male turkeys to win the heart of a hen.

A. He will fan out his tail and puff up his feathers

B. He tucks his head back against his body

C. He struts back and forth, hissing and dragging his wings on the ground

D. All of the above


8. In the spring of the year, the female turkeys leave the flock to build their nests in preparation of laying their eggs. The nests are not very elaborate and are susceptible to predation as well as foul weather. On average, how many eggs does a female turkey lay?

A. 3

B. 6

C. 12

D. 20


9. How many days does it take to hatch a turkey egg on average?

A. 28 days

B. 14 days

C. 60 days

D. 90 days


10. Many of the hen's eggs are destroyed before they hatch. The eggs are eaten by a number of natural predators. There are other animals that will prey on the young poults soon after they are born. Which of the following animals are considered to be natural enemies of the eastern wild turkey?

A. Bear

B. Coyote

C. Beaver

D. Owl