The Ruffed Grouse Quiz

1. The Ruffed Grouse is related to which birds:
A. The Robin
B. California Condor
C. Quail
D. Pelican

2. Molting is a time period in which birds along with the Partridge shed some feathers. Adult Grouse generally molt from:
A. January to February
B. July into September
C. May and June
D. They don’t molt

True or False: The Ruffed Grouse usually travels several miles a day as part of their daily routine?

4. In the fall of the year when insects are difficult to find, the partridge will eat mostly:
A. Nuts and fruit
B. Cedar buds
C. Snakes
D. MacDonald’s Take-out

5. During stormy weather, the grouse will:
A. Point in the direction of the wind
B. Stand on one leg to reduce wind drag
C. Bury themselves in the leaves
D. Shelter themselves beneath the conifers (evergreen) trees

True or False: The partridge often flies long distances of more than several hundred yards especially when flushed by a hunter or predator?

7. Mating season for adult birds occurs when?
A. January
B. March and April
C. August and September
D. Any time of the year

8. When the adult male is looking for a mate he:
A. Travels far and wide searching
B. Changes his colors to attract a female
C. Waits for the female to find him
D. Often stands high on a stump or log and drums his wings

True or False: During winter months the grouse will grow or develop snowshoe-like properties by growing a horny fringe around its’ toes?

10. A mated hen will lay between:
A. 6-16 white or buff eggs
B. 1-3 black eggs
C. 12-18 blue eggs
D. 2-5 iridescent eggs