Firearms Regulation in Maine


1. An auto-loading firearm (defined as one that automatically ejects and reloads a new round into the chamber and requires a separate pull of the trigger each time) is legal to hunt deer with providing it hold no more than?

A. 3 rounds

B. 5 rounds

C. 6 rounds

D. 7 rounds


2. True or False - It is lawful to use a 22 magnum caliber gun to hunt deer.


3. A permit is required by law to carry a concealed weapon in the state of Maine. Which of the following statements is correct pertaining to exceptions to this law.

A. There are no exceptions

B. Hunters and trappers when engaged in their respective activities

C. When working for a security company

D. While hunting moose


4. A non-resident of Maine can obtain a concealed weapons permit by contacting who?

A. Any Chief of Police in any town in Maine

B. Any Game Warden in Maine

C. Homeland Security

D. Chief of the Maine State Police


5. It is unlawful to carry a loaded firearm in or on a motor vehicle including a trailer, ATV, aircraft, snowmobile, and railway car. Which of the following statements is true?

A. A loaded clip may be carried in a car provided the clip is not inserted into the firearm.

B. Any person holding a concealed firearms permit may carry a loaded pistol or a revolver.

C. Firearms may be transported in a motor vehicle without a concealed firearms permit providing the firearm is unloaded and in plain view or unloaded and placed in a remote, secure area, such as a locked trunk, away from the control of any occupant.

D. A muzzle loading firearm is considered loaded if it is charged with powder, lead and a primed ignition device or mechanism.

E. All of the Above


6. How far away from a residence or farm building must you be to discharge a firearm without permission from the owner?

A. 100 feet

B. 100 yards

C. 200 feet

D. 50 yards


7. True or False - It is illegal to discharge a firearm within 500 feet of school property.


8. Which of the following statements is true

A. It is illegal to carry a firearm on game preserves

B. It is legal to hunt deer or moose after dark

C. It is legal to carry a loaded rifle in a car provided you have a concealed firearms permit

D. Muzzle loading firearms can be carried on an ATV fully loaded.


9. True or False - While transporting through Baxter State Park, firearms must be kept in a case or locked in the trunk of your car.