The Canada Lynx

Lynx Canadensis


1. The Canada lynx is often confused with the bobcat. What is the major difference between a Canada lynx and a bobcat?

A. The lynx has a long fluffy tail

B. The lynx has very large and furry feet

C. The lynx is spotted on its belly

D. The lynx has ear tufts


2. The male cat is larger than the female. What is the average weight of an adult cat?

A. up to 10 lbs.

B. over 30 lbs.

C. between 11 and 40 lbs.

D. between 40 and 60 lbs.


3. Why is it difficult for scientist to determine the population of the Canada lynx in North America?

A. It is an extremely solitary animal that remains deep in the forest far from man

B. scientists have little interest in knowing

C. there is not enough funding to adequately study the animal

D. any attempt by scientists to capture and track the animal has been futile


4. Which of these regions is the lynx now known to inhabit?

A. Canada, Alaska and Maine

B. Colorado, Idaho and Minnesota

C. Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon

D. Pennsylvania, Utah, Vermont, Washington and Wyoming

E. All of the above


5. True or False - The Canada lynx requires a very large area to hunt?


6. The type of habitat lynx need for hunting is

A. Open fields and meadows

B. A mixture of old farmland and clear-cut forests

C. Dense hardwood stands in hilly terrain

D. Dense, mature forests with hollow trees for dens and bogs and thickets


7. True or False - 75% of the Canada lynx' diet is the snowshoe hare?


8. The Canada lynx is not a fast runner. What techniques do they use for hunting?

A. Frequently climbing trees and waiting to pounce on its prey

B. Jump out from behind trees

C. Make sounds to imitate small rodents to lure unsuspecting animals to them

D. Hide in hollowed out trees waiting for a rabbit to come in


9. Mating of the Canada lynx occurs between February and March. The females have between 1 and 6 in a litter. Which of the following statements is true pertaining to the mating habits?

A. The male lynx and female mate for life

B. The only time the male and female lynx interact is during the mating season

C. The female lynx will have several mates during the mating season and give birth to as many as 3 litters.

D. The litter is born in August of the following year


10. True or False - The Canada lynx is very vocal and can often be heard in the northern climes of the United States during the night?