Gray Wolf


1. The average shoulder height of the gray wolf is -

A. 1-1.5 feet

B. 2-2.5 feet

C. 3-3.5 feet

D. 4-4.5 feet


2. Which of the following best describes the physical abilities of the gray wolf -

A. A wolf can run for several hours without stopping

B. A wolf can run up to 35 mph but does not have the ability to leap over objects in its way.

C. A wolf can run up to 35 mph and jump up to 12 feet

D. A wolf is not a sprinter. It can only jog at slow speeds


3. On average, wolves live in packs of between 8 and 35. The dominant male wolf is referred to as -

A. Alpha

B. Dominant one

C. Buck

D. Beta


4. True or False

Gray wolves mate for life.


5. Gray wolves communicate with each other by -

A. Howling

B. Body language

C. Scent

D. All of the above


6. Wolf packs become territorial. To mark their territory, what do the wolves do -

A. Post scout wolves around the perimeter of the pack

B. Mark their territory by digging up dirt in a perimeter around the pack

C. By urinating and defecating around the perimeter

D. Communicating to other wolves by howling to signal "stay away"


7.The Gray Wolf is predominantly a meat eater. Which of the following will a Gray Wolf eat?

A. Mice and rodents

B. Birds, including many different game birds

C. Deer

D. Elk

E. All of the above


8. The gestation period for a pregnant gray wolf is approximately

A. 6 weeks

B. 9 weeks

C. 12 weeks

D. 9 months


9. Which of the following states does not have known populations of gray wolves?

A. Michigan

B. Minnesota

C. Wisconsin

D. Maine


10. True or False - The gray wolf much prefers wide open plains to live and hunt.