Black Bears

1. The scientific name of the American Black Bear is:
a. Bearus Blackus
b. Ursus Americanus
c. Ustis Canadianus
d. Americanian Bearitus

2. The weight range of the black bear beyond the first year is generally about:
a. 100-300 lbs.
b. 300 plus lbs.
c. 50-125lbs
d. 200-400 lbs.

3. Male bears reach sexual maturity in about;
a. 10 years
b. 8-10 years
c. 2-4 years
d. 5-6 years

4. Mating season occurs from about:
a. January to February
b. June to mid July
c. September to December
d. While they are hibernating

5. The gestation period is:
a. 9 months
b. 365 days
c. 180 days
d. 220 days

6. In the wild, the average lifespan of the black bear is:
a. 25 years
b. 76 years
c. 12 years
d. over 50

7. Black bears spend the vast majority of their time doing what?
a. Watching TV
b. Playing with other bears
c. Searching for food
d. Looking for female bears

8. The territory of the male bear reaches as far as ________square miles and often times overlaps with other bears.
a. 50
b. 100
c. 150
d. 200

9. True or False: The black bear can be a real nuisance at times rummaging through garbage and tearing down bird feeders among other things.



10. A female bear often times gives birth to as many as:

a. 5 cubs
b. 8 cubs
c. 10 cubs
d. bakers dozen