Pronghorn (Antelope) Quiz


Below are questions that will test your knowledge of the pronghorn antelope. Select the answers you feel are correct. When completed, click on the "Submit" button at the bottom. You will immediately be taken to where you can get the correct answers and discussion if applicable to the quiz. Remember, there are no sign-ups and no gimmicks. We want you to just have fun and learn.


1. True or False - The pronghorn is the fastest land animal in North America and second in speed only to the cheetah.


2. The pronghorn was first brought to the attention of the scientific community by?

A. Teddy Roosevelt

B. George Custer

C. Lewis and Clark

D. Buffalo Bill Cody


3. The pronghorn is often called the pronghorn antelope yet it is not a member of the antelope family. Which species below is the antelope a cousin of?

A. Whitetail Deer

B. Gazelle

C. Zebra

D. None of the above


4. Both male and female pronghorn have horns made up of a hairy material around a bone-like structure. The outer hairy part is shed annually. What distinctive part of the horns allows you to tell male from female.

A. There is no difference between male and female horns.

B. The prongs on the horns are on the inside with male and outside with females

C. Male horns have two prongs and females one

D. Female horns are smaller and do not have a prong


5. True or False - The fastest speed a pronghorn has been clocked is 61 mph. True or false, can the pronghorn run fast speeds for a longer period of time than the cheetah?


6. The pronghorn can be found living on both sides of the Rocky Mountains as far east as around the Missouri River, north into southern Saskatchewan and Alberta, Canada and south into Sonora and Baja in Mexico. What best describes the pronghorn's habitat?

A. Mostly in grasslands but can also be found in brush land and deserts.

B. Mountainous and rocky terrain about 5,000 feet

C. Mostly in the deserts foraging on bugs and reptiles

D. In the dense conifer forests of the great plains.


7. The pronghorn eat mostly what?

A. Cacti

B. Grasses

C. Browse plants

D. All of the above.


8. The gestation period of the pronghorn is longer than that of the whitetail deer. The mating season occurs around mid-September and the female, called a doe, carries the fawn until when?

A. Mid-April

B. Mid-May

C. Mid-June

D. Mid-July


9. Pronghorns have a distinct musky odor to them. The male pronghorns mark their territory with scent glands located where?

A. By its dew claws

B. Under its belly

C. On the side of its head

D. At the base of its tail


10. Other than man, what is the major predator of the pronghorn?

A. Coyote

B. Bobcat

C. Wolves

D. All of the above